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Solutions for a Strong Immune System

It is a difficult time for all as we deal with a pandemic crisis - lockdowns are now in place as the government and the health sector/s deal with COVID19. I understand many are confused on how to go about daily life. I want to reassure you all that they are plenty of things we can do and perhaps use this time wisely to our advantage.

One of the key things we should all do is pay more attention to ourselves and those around us. Looking after our health and those we love has never been more important, then now.

I want to keep this particular blog short, a wee bit educational and some what more entertaining - having said that, first thing I would like to introduce is the importance of strengthening our immunity (1) - how we fight this virus and overcome it depends on many factors, with immunity being the epicentre.

Below are two supplements I would highly encourage each and every one of you look into - I chose these supplements mainly due to their effectiveness in strengthening immunity for both adults and children:
By Firdous® HEALTH Cytoplan Immunovite and Immnovite for Kids.

Immunovite: Suitably for men and women ages 12 years and over. Small capsules suitable for vegetarian, vegans and those on a halal and kosher diet.

Immunovite is a powerful immune-priming nutritional supplement, which contains beta 1-3, 1-6 (from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 78%).This unique compound primes both the innate and adaptive immune system to help the body defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders (2-3) (perfect immune support during COVID19). Beta glucan helps heal wounds and has anti-inflammatory activity.

Immnovite also includes Food StateTM Vitamin C, Food StateTM Selenium and Wholefood Zinc, each of which contribute to normal function of the immune system.

Immunovite for Kids: Suitable for children 3-12 years of age, great to take alongside our children's multivitamins and mineral supplements. Super small, easy to take capsules suitable for vegetarian, vegans and those following a halal and kosher diet.

A children’s immune support supplement designed to help optimise the function of the immune system. Beta 1-3, 1-6 glucan is a powerful nutrient, initiating both innate and adaptive immune response. (1)

Lastly, the importance of exercise on immunity – a body that is in state of frivolous will always result in a weaker immune system. Having said that, this does not mean you have to run a marathon – small brisk forms of exercise, followed by the right nutrient dense diet (read a previous blog; The Nutritional Gap for a better understanding a nutrient dense diet), good quality sleep and lots water with the right supplements when and where needed will help to keep you in a state of optimised health, as we as strong immunity.

The Fun Part:

Watch our lovely Crystal showcase our upcoming mesh sportswear with a cardio workout - perfect short and fun workout to do from the comfort of your homes during the COVID19 lockdown!



Written and Published By: Firdous Sultan, Founder and Managing Director at 
By Firdous® - Cytoplan Practitioner. BSc, CTP, Tng Dip, mCNM mANP mBANT mCIHP NP. N.D.




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