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Simply Lashes & Liner - Princess Jasmine

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Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes
Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes
Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes - 2-in1- Eyeliner
Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes - 2-in1- Eyeliner
Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes - 2-in1- Eyeliner
Faux Mink - Vegan False Eyelashes - 2-in1- Eyeliner
By Firdous Beauty

Looking for natural, fuller, hypnotic lashes? Look no further. Our vegan friendly faux-mink lashes are the perfect choice for self-wear, makeup artists – totally go-to for that magical flirty look this festive season.

Meet, Princess Jasmine... 

Prepare yourself to feel totally like Princess Jasmine in our By Firdous® Princess Jasmine Faux Mink Lashes. The most natural yet flirty and hypnotic pair of lashes, sure to offer a more mesmerised look. Fire them up for a special occasion or down, we will let the Princess in you decide…

Our Princess Jasmine lashes are dressed on a re-usable Cotton band that is super flexible and comfortable, offering the perfect fit onto your lash-line, syncing flawlessly with your natural lashes.

To be used alongside our By Firdous® 2-in-1 Simply Line Me Eyeliner® which acts as an adhesive for the lashes as well as an eyeliner; how cool? 

Our 2-in-1 eyeliner has a unique formula©  ... 
Long lasting and waterproof, and did we mention super glossy and jet black - can be applied directly to the band, on your lash line and/or both - this will be your best friend for creating that desired feline/cat eye look.

Alternatively, can be used alongside any other eyelash glue/adhesive that is suitable to work with our faux-mink lashes equipped on a Cotton band.

Eyelash features 

  • Our band is made using pure Cotton with our special eyelash adhesive©
  • Our eyelashes are handmade by our specialist team©, making them much higher in quality versus mechanical lashes
  • Can be worn approximately 15-20 times - with proper care, feedback from our consumer trial** illustrated that our lashes can be re-used up to 30 times, subject to good care. Therefore, we highly recommend taking good care of your eyelashes to prolong wear and usage. After each use place each lash back within the tray provided
  • Recommend being applied using eyelash tweezers
  • Product code: BF22 Princess Jasmine  
  • Size (when applied); 
    - Band L 3.3cm, 
    - Central W 1cm 
    - Inner eye W 0.6cm 
    - Outer eye W 0.7cm
  • Style: Shorter on the inner – longer on the outer
  • Can be purchase with OR without Eyeliner 

** 6% - 3 out of 50 participants form our manufacture consumer trial

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How to apply

Apply adhesive of choice or the one provided (2-in-1 eyeliner + adhesive) to the Cotton band of faux mink lashes, waiting up to a minute for the adhesive to become slightly tacky before applying.



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