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About Us!
For You, By Firdous®

Providing our customers with high quality made products we care about within the beauty and health industry. 

Our Values!

By Firdous® is an exclusive registered lifestyle brand initially under the umbrella of Digital eCommerce Incorporation Ltd - effective as of December 2021 under By Firdous Ltd - specialising within the beauty and health niche, with the addition of IT and AI launching 2022.

What makes our company unique?

Our products and our customer proposition is what sets our values and makes our company unique against competition. 

At By Firdous® we believe in providing our customers with high quality and effective products - as a result this has lead our brand to receive a lot of positive attention and reviews from a customer, PR and influencer perspective. Each of our products are designed with a lot of care and attention and sit unique to our brand identity. We believe in quality and consistency and that every individual consumer receives this.

It Does Not Stop There!

With By Firdous® BEAUTY and our GoGetter Collection in demand we are now expanding a beauty collection with the introduction of our vegan friendly Faux Mink Eyelashes and Liner. We are also in the process of scaling our By Firdous® HEALTH with the addition of our in house new health range; NEW INNOVATIONS and our online Health Clinic launching Q1 of 2022.

This is an exciting time here at By Firdous® as we grow our brand from beauty-to-health-to-technology.

Our founder is the inspiration behind our NEW INNOVATIONS health products. Our Founder, is also a practitioner of Adv.MSc.rCMA Herbal Medicine; mBANT. mANP. mCNM Functional and Nutritional Health with a huge passion to introduce products associated with optimising health and wellbeing - we believe that true beauty starts from within. Keep tuned for further updates relating to the launch of our new health clinic.

Our Founder and CEO is also a Cytoplan Practitioner - Cytoplan supplements are not-for-profit pioneers in organic, food state and whole-food, gold standard pharmaceutical grade supplements, and these supplements can be found via our website.

Practitioner discount is available, however, upon consultation only and at the discretion of our Founder and Cytoplan Practitioner following a one-to-one consultation. Please email to arrange a consultation.

Watch the space and join our journey as we grow our brand and catalogue!

** Due to huge success and focus on Beauty and Health - effective from December 2021 we will no longer be in production of apparel. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Much Love
By Firdous®