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Welcome to By Firdous® HEALTH 

A new and exciting edition to By Firdous® HEALTH - NEW INNOVATIONS HEALTH RANGE!

Our Founder at By Firdous® is not just super passionate about nutrition, health and beauty but also a Practitioner in the field of Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Health and Functional Medicine - A.MSc.rCMA. DipCNM mANP mBANT N.D.  
By Firdous Health - Firdous Sultan; Founder and CEO

This exciting journey has led our Founder to be appointed as a Cytoplan Practitioner offering a tailored solution of scientific based supplements, dedicated to health professionals for our patients, clients and customers.

This unique range of supplements will now be available to purchase via however, for a tailored prescription of supplements for your nutritional and health needs, direct practitioner contact with our Founder will be required.

Clients and future patience whom will have been directed by our practitioner are also entitled to exclusive ongoing account discounts. To qualify for a By Firdous® HEALTH discount account, direct consultation is mandatory. To find out more please contact via one of the below methods:

WhatsApp Cytoplan Practitioner Chatline: +44 7377671626


Alternatively, our customers can purchase without direct consultation without practitioner discount.

Please also view our blog page where you will find regular scientific based blogs relating to additional information on optimising your health and wellbeing.  

We can’t wait to help you optimise your health... For You, By Firdous HEALTH!

** Our EXCLUSIVE online By Firdous® HEALTH CLINIC launching soon.